Policies and Recommendations for Vaccines in the World

The introduction of new vaccines into the immunization calendars of different countries is dependent on a number of local and international factors. Students learn how to navigate this often complex system.

Module's directors

Audino Podda, MD, Professor

Head Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs
GSK Vaccine Institute for Global Health, Siena, Italy

Prof. Paolo Bonanni

Prof. of Public Health
University of Florence, Italy


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Lessons' List

Introduction of a new vaccine: the role of Public Health
Vaccination systems and policies in developing Countries
Vaccination systems and policies in Europe
Vaccination systems and policies in Asia-Pacific
Health Technology Assessment as a tool for prioritization
Economic analysis applied to vaccination programs: practical examples
Role of WHO in global immunization policy setting
Vaccination in the developing world: the role of the GAVI alliance
Investment case for vaccine preventable diseases
Vaccination systems and policies in the USA

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