Epidemiology, Health Systems, and Health Economics

Basic principles of epidemiology and health economics, and their relevance for vaccine development.

Module's directors

John Weil, MD

Head of Epidemiology
Takeda Vaccines, Switzerland

Marianne Cunnington, PhD

Head Epidemiology
GSK, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. Felice Petraglia

Professor of Gynecology
University of Siena, Italy


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Lessons' List

Introduction: basic epidemiology
Principles of infectious diseases epidemiology
Measures of disease occurrence
Measures of impact
Sensitivity and specificity
Case studies: toxoplasmosis (sensitivity, prevalence)
Self / group study of material presented during the day
Principles of surveillance
Event and lab based surveillance
Analytical tools in surveillance
Evaluation of surveillance
Surveillance in outbreak situations
Case studies: Ebola
Principles of vaccination
Epidemiology and vaccination policy
Epidemiology for vaccine clinical trial design
Cohort and case-control
Measuring vaccine safety and effectiveness
Case studies: vaccine effectiveness
Self / group study of material presented during the day
Third Factor / effect modification
Significance testing
Case studies: Toxic shock syndrome (matching, case-control)
Significance testing
Sample size calculations

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