Vaccine Immunology and Preclinical Research

Basic concepts of immunology, immune response to vaccines, and how to translate this into vaccine development and licensing.

Module's directors

Dr. Emanuela Palla

Head Italy RSO
GSK, Siena, Italy

Emanuele Montomoli, BSc, MSc, Full Prof.

President of the Master TSC, Full Prof. of Public Health
Dept. of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena, Italy

John Telford, PhD

Consultant for vaccines R&D
Siena, Italy


Historical background to vaccination:

Human Immune response:

Identification of vaccine targets:

Type of vaccines;

The role of adjuvants;

Pre-clinical evaluation of vaccine immunology and safety;

Analysis of immune response to vaccines in humans:

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Lessons' List

Introduction to Module II
Vaccinology: historical background and overview of licensed vaccines
DNA, viral vectors and prime-boost approaches for novel vaccine development (e.g. malaria, TB, HIV)
Basis of immune response: cells, antibodies, soluble factors, antigen processing
Novel technologies in vaccine design
T-cell populations, function, memory
B cells: their biology and how to investigate them
Innate immunity, inflammation and modulation of immune responses
Immune responses in elderly
Innate immunity and TLR agonists as adjuvants
Structure-based rational design of potential vaccine candidate
Bacterial polysaccharides and conjugates
Infections, autoimmune responses, and vaccines
Examples of reverse vaccinology: MenB, a successful story
Other examples of application of reverse vaccinology approach
Reverse vaccinology, proteomics & other omics for vaccine discovery
Mucosal Immunity and Mucosal adjuvants
Overview of parenteral adjuvants and delivery systems
Functional assays for antibodies (SBA, MN, opsono)
Serology assay validation
The complexities of vaccine-induced immune correlates of protection: correlates of protection from clinical trials
Preclinical evaluation of vaccine response and safety
Novel approaches to vaccine development
European Vaccine Initiative: an example of support to basic and clinical research
B Cell repertoire and its determination
Learning from failures: the safety of intranasal adjuvants in humans
Lymphocyte trafficking
Mechanism of action of aluminum and oil in water emulsion adjuvants
Immune responses in newborns

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