Master's Modules

1 Public Health and Vaccine Development Process

A general overview on immunization and public health in the world. Deepens students' understanding of the overall principles of pharmaceutical development process.

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2 Vaccine Immunology and Preclinical Research

Basic concepts of immunology, immune response to vaccines, and how to translate this into vaccine development and licensing.

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3 Vaccine Manufacturing and Quality Control Processes

Students get an understanding of the concepts, methods and challenges of technical operations and quality of vaccine manufacturing.

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4 Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Prevention

Students get familiar with the most important vaccine preventable infectious diseases from a clinical and a global epidemiological perspective, learning about vaccines available and in development.

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5 Clinical Development Methodology, Biostatistics, and Clinical Data management

Principles of clinical trial methodology, especially in vaccine development; basic concepts of statistics and data management for clinical trials.

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6 Pharmacovigilance

How to write an individual case narrative, assess causality and expectedness of cases, and determine certainty of diagnosis according to Brighton collaboration guidelines.

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7 Epidemiology, Health Systems, and Health Economics

Basic principles of epidemiology and health economics, and their relevance for vaccine development.

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8 Good Clinical Practices, Clinical Quality Assurance, and Clinical Trial Operations

Understanding what is required and how to ensure quality in clinical trial execution, along with knowledge of the operational requirements for planning and executing vaccines clinical trials.

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9 Regulatory Affairs

Introducing the international regulatory environment and requirements related to obtaining approval for marketing vaccines and the maintenance of these licenses.

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10 Policies and Recommendations for Vaccines in the World

The introduction of new vaccines into the immunization calendars of different countries is dependent on a number of local and international factors. Students learn how to navigate this often complex system.

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