Departmental Internship

Students get a chance to develop invaluable hands-on experience while spending six months at different departments of GSK Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur, the Universities of Oxford and Surrey, or the University Hospital of Siena. They are assigned an experienced internship supervisor who provides support and coaching. Students have an opportunity to contribute to the daily work at the departments and can benefit from the guidance of a mentor who works closely with them during the internship.

Investigational Site Visits

Accompanying experienced clinical trial physicians and clinical research associates at investigational site visits across Europe is crucial for the students to understand the value of conducting clinical trials according to good clinical practice and the importance of site selection and qualification. During these visits they also get to see the ongoing reality – from the significance of having adequate facilities and adequately managing subject, products, and archiving.

Hospital/Immunization Center Training

During the program, students also spend one month working with experts in various hospitals and in a number of prevention and vaccination centers. This exposure to a real-world public health environment aims to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

Students are evaluated on

Willing to learn
Capability to work in a team
Capability to work individually
Scientific background
Trustable person when requested to perform a task
Capability to accept negative comment/suggestion

Master Thesis

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